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Espressione Decaffeinated E.S.E. Coffee Pods (Box of 18 x 7g Individual Foil Packed Coffee Pods) A full flavoured espresso blend, with a traditional southern Italian character but without the caffeine!

Espressione pods are individually packed in foil. So that each coffee pod stays completely fresh until you open the foil pack, unlike coffee pods that are loose packed in a tin.

Rosie & Java stock Espressione high quality Italian espresso E.S.E. (Easy Serve Espresso) coffee pods. Blended and packed by Espressione’s roaster in Naples. The E.S.E. coffee pod design was created by illycaffè S.p.A. in 1989. The E.S.E. (Easy Serving Espresso) system is protected by the Italian E.S.E. Consortium for Development and is standardized within the coffee and espresso machine industries. The E.S.E. specification is an ‘open’ design, so that many espresso machines, from a variety of manufacturers, brew both E.S.E. pods and ground coffee. Any espresso machine displaying the E.S.E. logo can brew any E.S.E. system coffee pod. Similarly any E.S.E. coffee pod, available worldwide from a large number of coffee roasters, can be brewed using any E.S.E. system espresso machine. E.S.E. is probably the world’s most available and universal espresso brewing serving system. “The Easy Serving Espresso (E.S.E.) coffee pod is a remarkable innovation in the world of espresso brewing. The E.S.E. system provides the drinker with a perfect, freshly brewed, crema-topped espresso every time!" (Robert Armes - Master Barista)